Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are defined as heat exchangers that can transfer heat from one to another fluid , one medium to another medium. Fluid passes through a set of tubes while another fluid passes through the shell that encloses tubes.Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are used in applications in processes involving high temperature and pressure and , in cases where the fluid contains particles. U- Tube heat exchanger comprises a set of U-shaped tubes fixed to a Tube Sheet and get supported by flow baffles or tube support and placed in a shell welded or bolted to the Tube Sheet. While one fluid is passed through the Shell on the exterior surfaces of the Tubes, the other fluid is guided into the tubes through Header assembly , which is fixed to the Tube Sheet either by welding or by bolting. The two ends of a set of straight tubes are fixed to two Tube Sheets, welded or bolted to the Shell. One fluid passes through the Tubes and the other through the Shell. Such Heat Exchangers are used in applications where the fluid have high fouling properties . They are also used in applications with high occurrence of temperature cross. The straight tube structure facilitates easy cleaning of the tubes.

Heat Exchanger product line consists of many variations of the Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger family and TEMA designs, including Fixed Tube Sheet, U-Bundle, Packed Head, Floating Tube Sheet, Kettle Reboilers, Falling Film Evaporators / Absorbers, Bayonet, Helical Coil, Immersion Coil and Double Pipe. Heat Exchanger designs can also incorporate loose-lined, solid, and explosion-clad tube sheet options.