CJ Titanium offer the Fasteners & springs Out of Titanium Gr 1&2, Ti-6Al-4V Gr-5, Ti-Pd Gr-7, Zirconium, Tantalum, Niobium, Nickel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy B, B2, C & C2000


  • Orthopedic Application
  • Aerospace & Nuclear Industries
  • Electroplating & Electronic Industries
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries
  • Chemical & Electrochemical Industries

Standards BS & DIN Availability BS & DIN

Bolts Hexagonal, slotted cheese, Allen Cap Head.
Nuts Cap, Hexagonal & Hex with cupped Points.
Screws Set, Slot, Grub & Sealing.
Washers Plain & Spring.
Springs Custom made from Titanium spring alloys.