CJ Titanium manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of agitators and stirrers. Agitator range includes blade agitator, double helix agitator, anchor agitator, laboratory agitator and helix agitator- propeller type agitator, static type stirrer, high shear type agitator, flat blade paddle agitator, paddle type mixer, paddle type stirrer with curved blade, paddle type agitator with pitched blades.

CJ Titanium impeller designs incorporate advanced technology and are selected to provide optimum processing capacity with minimum energy usage. Agitators are available in various specifications, the collection can be designed as per the client specification. CJ Titanium concentrates on large agitators and combinations of agitators and tanks and are applicable in chemical process reactors, mixing vessels, chemical mixing tanks and mixing chambers.CJ Titanium designs, manufactures and supply various types of chemical stirrer ( agitator ).

CJ Titanium agitator supply consists of an agitating mechanism alone and/or complete mechanism with a vessel or accessories.

By the position of the agitator (mixer), agitators are classified as

  • Offcenteredagitator
  • angularalignmentstirrer
  • topentryagitator(mixer)
  • side entry stirrer (agitator)

CJ Titanium supplies agitators (mixer) to pharmaceutical industries, biotech industries, chemical industries, food and beverage industries, pulp & paper industries, waste water treatment plants, paint manufacturing industry etc.

Agitators Types

  • attrition scrubber
  • flotritioner stirrer
  • rotary sampler mixer
  • thickener mixer
  • clarifier agitator
  • flotation cell agitator
  • solvent extraction mixer settler agitator (stirrer)
  • agitator & conditioner, laboratory and pilot equipment mixer
  • spiral classifier mixer (agitator or mixer)
  • pulp distributor agitator