Plating Jigs or Racks are useful where the output is large and even for distribution of electric current. Other advantage uses are • a good deal of saving in labour, time and ensures speedy loading • increasing productivity • reducing production costs. Jig Spines are made from Copper, Brass, SS or Titanium and contact tips are from tempered Stainless Steel, Phosphor Bronze or Titanium Wires.
Jigs are to be used for Electroplating, Electro polishing, Painting and Anodizing. For surface treatment such as Phosphating, Electro painting and Enameling, jigs can be used and these are termed as furnace furniture. Jigs made of Titanium are to be used for anodizing / electro polishing. Jigs can be designed, fabricated and insulated according to customer’s requirements. The following details are required while enquiry/order :
(a)Cathode rod diameter or cross section.
(b) Vat depth, solution depth, nature of solution and temperature.
(c) Spine style, contact style and configuration.
(d) Distance between Cathode rod and Anode bus bars and Rectifier Capacity.
(e) Nature of articles (if possible samples should be sent).