The stuffing box dimension permits the interchange ability between packing and standard mechanical seals. The standard construction uses mechanical seal according to DIN; it is also possible to fit every kind of mechanical seal. Standard mechanical seal flushing is realized with internal recirculation from pressure side to seal chamber. It is still possible to realize every kind of flushing line in an execution similar to API 610 standard.
A high speed, high capacity centrifugal pump apparatus having a radically split pump case, a pump shaft extending axially within the pump case and adapted for high speed rotation therein, and an enclosed impeller with Francis type vanes on each side thereof mounted to said pump shaft for rotation therewith within said pump case. The pump case is provided with a divided inlet flow passage for communicating liquid from a suction line to the centre eye portion of the impeller on each side thereof and an outlet flow passage with two volutes extending about the periphery of the impeller for receiving the discharge of liquid there from and communicating this liquid to a discharge line. An inducer element operable connected to the pump shaft adjacent each side of the impeller moves the liquid from the inlet flow passage toward the vanes at each centre eye portion thereby maintaining a positive pressure on the vanes during high speed operation of the pump to reduce the problems associated with cavitations.